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Woman and Bed   Shoe   still life no 4   Blue Bench

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Zev Robinson has worked in a variety of media, including painting, video, photography and multimedia constructions during his 30 year career as a professional artist and filmmaker.

From his pre-teen years, Zev Robinson’s passion and obsession has been painting and watching films, and the two have influenced each other throughout his life. He started off using stills from films in books and magazines as the basis for his drawings, and the surreal nature of decontextualising an image from it’s narrative had a strong influence on his art.

The diversity of works all share a concern with fragmented narratives, image appropriation, and the juxtaposition of objects to create metaphysical and surreal worlds that explore the influence of context on meaning.

Zev Robinson's biography and list of exhibitions in .pdf format here.

Older pieces from the last 20 years can be found on the old site.


Pulp Fiction   Gate Beats   Blue Moon   Streetlight